Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Learning Projects for Homeschoolers


Enjoy Being out of the box with our Learning Projects

Project Based Learning is a fun and dynamic way for children to learn new skills and information on a specific topic. By contemplating and completing a comprehensive real life project, learners mesh various subjects such as math, language arts, fine arts, or even faith studies as they solve problems and complete tasks.

We believe that learning can happen anytime and anywhere. We also believe in cultivating our children's interests. Our Learning Projects for homeschool families were created to enhance and teach to an interest of at least one of our children. Some projects are big and take quite a bit of time to complete and others can be done in one afternoon. Our family homeschool projects are broken down into a few key categories including projects focused on making and doing things together, character development, geography, and prayer.   Each project lists supplies needed, accompanying resource files and the steps needed to successfully complete the project. We hope that you find these projects fun and useful!

Projects to Make or Do Together


Create a Home Library

Create a Student Learning Log

Plan and Plant a Garden

Write a Family Recipe Book

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Fall Table Setting

Christmas Table Setting

Set a royal table

Set a Fall Themed Table Set a Christmas Themed Table

Set a Royal  Themed Table

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Character Building Family Projects

Family Project to help kids learn kindness through doing chores

Tray filled with things, Mother Mary is peeking out.

The Love Box Project

Let's Climb Closer to Heaven

My Adventure with the Saints

Modesty Dressing Tray

The Love Box - Coming Soon

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Family Prayer Projects

Holy Souls Prayer Project

Fall Call to Prayer

Christmas Garland of Prayer

Decade-A-Day Spiritual Bouquet

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Geography Projects


My Geography Adventure to  Germany

My Geography Adventure to Japan



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