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Printable Graphic Organizers


Graphic organizers give learners a different, visual way to organize information allowing them to be creative yet concise. There are many different styles and uses for different graphic presentations. Some are better suited for science information while others are better to organize the plot of a short story.

Two really nice things that learners like about graphic organizers are that they are very non-threatening and seem very easy to complete. Although they give the illusion that not much data is given by the writer, these pictorial helpers really do help learners of all ages think through information in a clearer way. Good us of graphic organizers is the precursor needed for successful mind mapping.

Below you will find our collection of graphic organizers by style.  Many of our worksheets are offered not only in blank styles but many have prompts or lead in graphics as well.  Click the boxes below to learn more about each style and to see what we have to share.

Types of Graphic Organizers

Radiating Shapes Graphic Organizer Write It Out Graphic organizer Magnifying Lenses Graphic Organizer

Radiating Shapes

Venn Diagrams

Write It Out

Little Lenses

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