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    Track Your Fun!

    Printable Progress Charts for Homeschoolers

     Printable Charts For Learning



    Many people, children in particular, like seeing their accomplishments in a tangible way.  We have made these cute incentive or progress charts in an array of different themes and they can be used for a number of things including but definitely not limited to: daily reading, completing assignments on time or with a good attitude, daily or weekly chores completed, scriptures read, prayer chart, caring for pets, a single chore completed, taking daily medicines or vitamins, or just practicing good behaviour, to name just a few.  Often times big tasks seem more manageable when we can see our progress and growth in moving toward our goal.   As for the incentive attached to the completion of the sheet, we leave that up to you but here are a few ideas:

    • A new book, toy, game or other small tangible reward

    • The opportunity to extend a bed time, play time, computer use time or reading time

    • The ability to choose the next dinner meal

    • A special lunch out

    • A day of no chores

    • A monetary reward of some kind

    To get started simply print out the chart, write in the learners name and goal and then place in a prominent spot in the kitchen or learning area.  As an alternative, print out a few for different learning goals and place in a three ring binder.  There really are so many different ways to use these charts.  We've tried to give you a few ideas for some particular sheets below.

    Progress & Incentive Charts


    Progress Charts for Your Birthday Month

    Printable Progress Chart for the Month of July




    Calendar Themed Progress & Incentive Charts

    (Jan.- Dec. with days of the week excluding Sundays for rest! )   

    Printable Progress Chart for Your Birthday Month

    Printable Progress Chart for January

    Printable Progress Chart for February

    Printable Progress Chart for March

    Printable Progress Chart for April

    Printable Progress Chart for May

    Printable Progress Chart for June

    Printable Progress Chart for July

    Printable Progress Chart for August

    Printable Progress Chart for September

    Printable Progress Chart for October

    Printable Progress Chart for November

    Printable Progress Chart for December





    Printable Progress Charts for the Virtue of Faithfulness

    Printable Progress Charts for the Virtue of Tolerance

    Virtue Themed Progress & Incentive Charts

    (Columns are unmarked for flexibility.)

    Printable Progress Chart for Consideration

    Printable Progress Chart for Courage

    Printable Progress Chart for Courtesy

    Printable Progress Chart for Detachment

    Printable Progress Chart for Determination

    Printable Progress Chart for Faithfulness

    Printable Progress Chart for Joyfulness

    Printable Progress Chart for Kindness

    Printable Progress Chart for Love

    Printable Progress Chart for Modesty

    Printable Progress Chart for Patience

    Printable Progress Chart for Responsibility

    Printable Progress Chart for Reverence

    Printable Progress Chart for Thankfulness

    Printable Progress Chart for Tolerance




    Dog Themed Progress Chart

    Music Themed Progress Sheet

    Kitchen Tasks Themed Progress Chart

    Rabbit Themed Progress Chart

    Slumber Themed Progress Chart

    Sport Themed Progress Chart

    Swimming Themed Progress Chart

    Various Themed Progress and Incentive Sheets

    (Columns are unmarked for flexibility.)  

    Babies Themed Progress Chart - Helping out with new sibling, babysitting, counting down to a new arrival

    Cat Themed Progress Chart - Feeding pet cat, changing a litter box, working toward getting a pet cat

    Cheerleader Themed Progress Chart - Working toward a happy goal, practicing gymnastics daily, getting along with siblings, daily reading or spelling practice for a reluctant learner, daily exercise

    Detective Themed Progress Chart - Carefully performing a detailed task, reading a mystery novel

    Dog Themed Progress Chart - Feeding, walking or grooming a pet, working toward acquiring a pet, poop scooping the yard

    Gardening Themed Progress Chart - Weeding or mowing yard, raking leaves, watering plants

    Goldfish Themed Progress Chart - Feeding pet, changing water, working toward acquiring a pet

    Indian Themed Progress Chart - Carefully performing a detailed task

    Kitchen Task Themed Progress Chart - Making own meal, cleaning up after meals, washing dishes, setting table, putting away clean dishes, loading or unloading dishwasher, helping mom prepare meals

    Knitting Themed Progress Chart - Working on a knitting or sewing task, working on a creative project

    Love Themed Progress Chart - Daily obedience, hugs given, getting along with siblings, a school day without whining or fighting, attitude in chores or assignments

    Music Themed Progress Chart - Practicing a musical instrument or going to choir practice

    Party Themed Progress Chart - Working toward giving or attending a party, working toward a special purchase or birthday present, performing any one specific task that would be cause for great celebration on completion, mastering poor habits such as nail biting, whining or name calling among siblings

    Penguin Themed Progress Chart - Personal neatness or just for fun

    Pirate Themed Progress Chart - Doing daily chores, following directions or just for fun

    Princess Themed Progress Chart - Practicing good hygiene or dressing appropriately for mass

    Rabbit Themed Progress Chart - Eating veggies during meals, taking care of a pet rabbit, spring time chores, daily reading

    Slumber Themed Progress Chart - Going to bed on time, going to bed without whining, sleeping without a nightlight, saying morning or evening prayers

    Space Themed Progress Chart - Working toward a fieldtrip to the planetarium, going to bed on time, sleeping without a nightlight

    Sports Themed Progress Chart - Working toward going to a sporting event, practicing sport skills daily or as needed, practicing good sportsmanship, getting daily exercise

    Swimming Themed Progress Chart - Working toward going to a sporting event or pool party, going to swimming lessons, practicing swimming skills, getting daily exercise





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    Virtue of Courage Aesops Copywork 1 Virtue of Determination Poster Virtue of Kindness Progress Sheet Virtue of Courage Prayer Card

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