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Free Printable Calendars and Resources for Educators and Homeschoolers to Help Children Track the Weather

Help learners study God's glory in action through the weather. By studying and noting different weather patterns on a regular basis, children build up practical knowledge that they can use all their life. Use one of the calendars below and the go-along resource of your choice to note daily, weekly, or monthly weather occurrences.

Use these calendars below to note the day's weather by gluing on the appropriate weather piece in the corresponding day. Find different charts below to monitor daily weather occurrences by noting the time, weather, temperature, and more. Advanced learners can use the data collected to track monthly weather and temperature patterns using our weather worksheets. Younger learners can choose the day's weather by cutting apart the provided picture pieces and gluing them onto the calendars. Pieces are available in both colour and black and white. This activity can be used by even the youngest learner.


Weather Calendar

Weather Themed Calendar Printable Weather Calendar (landscape)

Bright, colourful calendar featuring weather graphics and a different coloured lines each month.  The landscape style calendar runs from August to August.

  .Find other calendars in various designs in both landscape or portrait style.  Click HERE to see our printable predated calendar collection now.


Weather Calendar Go-Alongs

Weather Pieces in Colour Weather Pieces

Nine different weather graphics are included in this set.  Simply cut the pieces apart and glue on the calendar day.  One helpful tip is to note the weather at the same time everyday to make an accurate account.

Weather Pieces in Black and White Weather Pieces in Black and White

Eleven different weather graphics in black and white make up this set.  Use in the same manner as noted above.


Juniour Weather Chart Junior Weather Tracking Sheet

The next step in weather tracking this chart asks learners to note down temperatures for each day of the month and then figure out an average for the month.  The day's weather is noted with tally marks.


Detailed Weather Chart Detailed Weather Tracking Sheet

Record the details of the days weather including the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, cloud type, cloud amount, rain amount, visibility and special features of the day.  This is a great little resource for older children  to use with a digital weather gauge.