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Newspaper Style Notebooking Sheets For Homeschoolers


Bring history, literature, and current events to life with our Newspaper Template pages. Challenge children to find the 5Ws and an H to current study areas, the plot of a favourite book, historical event or anything else they can think of. These are always fun for children and will entice even the most reluctant writer. Find our template sets in different themes and styles to hopefully peek the writing interest of different learners.

Find Our Super Sleuth News resources as a great starter.  This is a detective themed, colour newspaper template style has three different pages to choose from including all writing, writing and one picture, and writing and two pictures. Children can either draw in the picture or cut and paste one in from another source.


Newspaper Templates

Super Sleuth Newspaper Template Super Sleuth Newspaper Template w/One Picture Super Sleuth Newspaper Template w/two Pictures  

Super Sleuth - plain with lines

Super Sleuth - lines with one picture

Super Sleuth - lines with two pictures

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