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Health & Human Body Mini-book Unit Study






Health & Human Body Mini-book Unit Study

Focus: Overview, templates and books to learn or recall information about the five senses, body systems, growth, health and safety.

Level: Mid-Elem+

Mini-book Style: blank, no writing prompts provided

  • Mini-books included in this unit:
  • All about the Circulatory System
  • All About the Digestive System
  • All About the Excretory System
  • All About the Five Senses
  • All About the Muscular System
  • All About the Nervous System
  • All About the Respiratory System
  • All About Skeletal System
  • Before I was Born
  • God's Purpose For Our Bodies
  • How I Grow
  • I am Unique
  • Way's to Keep My Body Healthy
  • Way's to Keep My Body Safe
  • Blank Mini-book template
  • Keepsake Pages:  This unit study contains a fun themed cover, a set of seven keepsake pages (left and right pages) with precise spaces to attach mini-books.  There is also a blank set of pages to add more books if desired.  Also included are two pages to note resources used, notes, and questions your learner may have about the human body or their own health needs.

The finished project contains spaces for the fourteen books above plus optional two pages for extra books, if desired.

There are seventeen individual .PDF files in this project.  They are all contained within one zipped file (.zip) to reduce download time and bandwidth usage for our visitors. 

Click HERE if you cannot open this file or are unsure of how to use .zip format files.