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F3 Resources For Creative Learning


What are F3 resources?  They are our answer to lapbooking. Quite frankly, we can never finish a lapbook because of the sheer volume of things to do to complete the tasks as suggested by others or set out by the author in prepared commercial resources. Now we know that you can make adjustments, but it was all too much for our family to accomplish with multi-aged learners - some with unique needs.  We wanted the fun of cutting and playing with paper without the constraints of having to always fill up the folders. So we thought about how we could meet our needs, still have fun and also show proof of learning for our own sake.  Voila - little pieces that  Flip, Flap, &  Fold (F3) that could be added to folders or projects already on the go.  We created activities that allow all the fun of lapbooking in self-contained mini-projects that you can glue into notebooks, use as a stand alone resource, or incorporate into worksheets. Plus we designed a way to still use file folders but have them fit into a standard three-ringed binder that can sit neatly on a book shelf.  Now that's different, stress-free, and very do-able.

Find links to our unique F3 resources below that highlight individual pieces ready to go with graphics included, a self-contained activity lesson, a F3 folder based on a themed topic, or an imaginative learning project.  We look forward to creating even more resources in topic areas including science, geography, virtues, faith & Bible study and more.

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F3 Projects

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