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Catholic Music Ministry

Keith Phillips

Keith converted to the Roman Catholic Church in 2003 after 33 years of resisting. During those 33 years he did not attend church or even pray, however, some songs of a Christian nature did come to him. This album is a compilation of some of those songs plus most that were written after his conversion. He has been playing guitar and singing for over 40 years and has written over 100 songs but only since he has taken early retirement has he found his true calling. He currently plays and sings in over 12 seniors facilities, bringing love, joy and compassion to the residents.

Keith’s purpose in life now is to prepare his soul and those of others for eternity with God in Heaven. He measures all activities against that standard. It is his true hope that you find within these songs testimony to a life that was not centered on Our Lord before but now has purpose through the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ. This album would not have been possible without the generous and outstanding support of Paul Gogo. He took what were simple and stark songs with just guitar and voice and turned them into moving masterpieces. He is a man with such amazing and considerable talent on so many instruments.

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  Faith Study - Growing in the Catholic Faith


Listen for Free below

       Song Title Time   Download
listen   1. Come Be My Light (Mother Teresa's Call) 4:57   free mp3 music
listen   2. Mary Had a Baby Child 4:03   free mp3 music
listen   3. Tiny Stars 4:57   free mp3 music
listen   4. Now I Know That I Believe 3:06   free mp3 music
listen   5. By What I had Done 2:41   free mp3 music
listen   6. Our Father (Adapted) 2:50   free mp3 music
listen   7. Ave Maria, Sancta Maria (Adapted) 5:10   free mp3 music
listen   8. Father, Here I Am 3:42   free mp3 music
listen   9. Come Be My Light (Anthem) 3:37   free mp3 music






     Bonus Tracks

  1. I Make My Promise Now  (A & B's Wedding Song)








free mp3 music

listen   2. Moonlight on Still Waters 3:07   free mp3 music