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    A-Z Quest of Canadian Animals  

    A-Z Quest of Fruits and Veggies
    Worksheets A-Z Quest Worksheets

    Artists Montessori Cards

    Leonardo da Vinci Montessori Cards

    Leonardo da Vinci (High Renaissance Painter/Inventor)

    Highlighted artwork includes:  Mona Lisa, Self-Portrait, Virgin of the Rocks, The Last Supper, The Annunciation, St. Jerome in the Wilderness.



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    Pierre_Auguste Renoir Montessori Cards

    Pierre Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter)

    Highlighted artwork includes:  Girls at the Piano, Girls With a Hoop, Self-Portrait, By the Water, La Grenouillθre, The Artist's Family.

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    What can I expect to find here?

    When you visit our site you can expect to find homeschool resources that fuse learning with fun and do so with our Lord at the centre of it all. 

    We try to encourage tearless learning.  We want our children and yours to have fun while they learn; that is one of our main goals.  We have tried very hard to create learning materials that appeal to many different style learners.  From Hands-on learning to the Classical method, literature based novel studies to multi-aged unit studies, we have tried to develop and share material that support each home learning family.  We are an eclectic learning family that takes the best of the best of each method and uses what works for us.  Almost everything we offer comes out of our own resources we create and we gladly share them with other homeschooling families around the globe.

    Spiritual support for new and veteran homeschoolers.

    Over the years we have learned that in order to keep peace in our school, we need to keep God at the centre of our learning.  We have carried this on through to our new website and our resources.  You will find useful tidbits of information about the Catholic faith, bible passages, uplifting spiritual quotes and images, as well as how-tos scattered throughout the site.  This is our way of supporting you, one step at a time, in your journey.  Newbie homeschoolers can find helpful articles about getting started in homeschooling, choosing curriculum, and maintaining the fun in learning.  We have tried to aid veteran homeschoolers by offering them some new out of the box learning ideas and method tool helpers including resources and materials that support lapbooking, notebooking, and Montessori play.

    religious education resources

    homeschool education resources

    Relax in Your HomeschoolingPutting the Peace Back in Your Teaching

    Although spring has officially arrived, a few days ago proved to be a day of hectic weather.  It started off with peaceful rain, then it hailed, then it snowed, then the sun came out and melted off the snow, the wind picked up, and by nightfall the rain had returned.  What a chaotic day of weather! The children commented on how "crazy" the weather was, but I noted that how the day began is how it ended, with peaceful rain.
    Our days can often be like a "crazy weather day."  The trick for a happy day is to keep the peace of the day at all costs.  By peace I mean, keeping the Lord at the centre of our lives.  It is not enough for us to know our faith but we must live it too.  To successfully perform our calling as homeschooling parents, we need to be healthy, well rested, and organized.  Beginning the day with the Lord and ending the day with the Lord is one way to keep our spiritual self healthy and happy.  The Lord is really the source of all peace in our lives.  If we keep Him at the centre of our family, peace can easily be maintained. This of course can be easier said then done with all the many tasks we need to fulfill daily.  Or is it?
    Many times the whirlwind feeling of “busy-ness” that is often felt on a day-to-day basis is created by our own doing.  Left unchecked this feeling can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout.  My pastor, a young and vibrant priest from Poland, shared with me a step-by-step method for keeping peace in my household.  This exercise that I am going to share with you needs to be done as a family.  Involve your spouse and children from the get-go. You will not be able to do this activity without their input and support.

    Read the Rest of the Entire Article Here


    Choosing Reading Materials for Catholic ChildrenSelecting Reading Material for Your Catholic Children

    How we read can sometimes be just as important as what we read.  Do we allow our children to devour their favourite books or do we ask that they prolong the fun by reading chunks at a time getting know and understand characters and the plot?  Do we preview new books with our children and pre-read new authors to keep our children's hearts and minds pure and healthy? Do we teach our children how to discern a "good" book from a "poor" book or do we throw everything out because it has one or two "questionable" words.  Literature based learning can serve as an awesome catalyst for Socratic learning.
    What we choose as reading material for our children to read is a very personal thing.  We have come across homeschoolers who will only read Catholic authors as well as families who will put anything in front of their kids just to get them to read.  Our job as a resource site is not to judge what people read, we simply provide resources for books we have read or that others have requested we consider using to create resources.  The Catholic Church does not dictate what should or should not be read.  The Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a one time list of over 100 prohibited books by the Holy See, was abolished in 1968.  The choice is now exclusively up to us parents to select proper reading material for our children keeping in mind that we cannot and should not shelter our children from everything lest our children appear ignorant to their peers and the community at large.  We can act as healthy filters until they can make good choices, but at some point we must rely on the seeds of our faith and morality that we have planted during their education to feed them on their lifelong learning journey.
    There is great disagreement over the worthiness of works in certain genres as good reading material.  There are still many heated debates over whether fairy tales are okay for the young to read or if The Chronicles of Narnia, and Dante's Divine Comedy are safe and worthy of mental consumption as well.  I've seen Catechism books use fairy tales for learning examples and even Pope John Paul II was once credited with complementing J.K. Rowling on her literary works of fiction for children.  He saw her works as mere stories to help children to tell the difference between good and evil not as religious treatises.  It is not uncommon to see the same book on both recommended and not acceptable book lists.  One family may find a work offensive while another family may use it to point out the faults of the modern world.  Choosing literature is a very personal thing.  Lists are good but ultimately we are the ones held accountable for our choices for our children.  Pray over your selections and perhaps consider these little tidbits of wisdom, from our home to yours, the next time you go to the books store:
    Whatever doesn't lift us up, brings us down.
    If what we are doing doesn't bring us closer to God in some way, then it pushes us farther away from Him in another.
    Always live by the Canon Law.

    Printable Posters For Homeschoolers

    Almost everyone loves being in a bright, happy, and comfortable environment.  Make sure your learning room or learning area is fun and conducive to learning with our bright poster sets to help add cheer to any room while reinforcing important facts. 
    Religious Posters

    The Hail Mary Prayer in Pictures Series

    Help children learn and better understand the Hail Mary prayer with this set of 8 full page posters.  Created from beautiful, classic religious art found in the Public Domain, these posters are sure to brighten any room.  (This is a larger file, so please be patient during your download.)

    Poster Set of Hail Mary in Pictures



    The Stations of the Cross Poster Set

    Encourage daily prayer and meditation this Lenten season with this 14 page set of posters on the Stations of the Cross. (This is a larger file, so please be patient during your download.)

    Posters for Stations of the Cross

    See our Posters page for a few more ideas



    Language Arts Posters

    What Are Sentences?

    What are Sentences? Poster


    Asking Sentences Poster

    Asking Sentences Poster


    Exclaiming Sentences

    Exclaiming Sentences Poster


    Contraction Posters

    Contractions Poster


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