Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Free Planning Sheets to Plan Your Learning Year

Yearly Planning Sheets For Homeschoolers

Looking at a learning year at a glance can help you plan your extra activities, keep on track of your learning, cultivate good time management, and can give families a clear sense of their educational direction. See our sheets below to find clear, easy to use printable resources to accommodate your annual learning schedule.


Yearly Planning Sheet Year Planning Sheets With Units or Novels/books

Do you use novel studies, Come Sit by Me or Five in a Row for your learning?  Then why not try our two page yearly planning sheets set to note down the units and books you intend on covering over the course of the year. These sheets are available in three calendar schedules to accommodate year round learners, traditional learners, or the regular calendar year.

Traditional Layout dated for Sept. to Aug.

Year Round Learners dated for June to May

Calendar Year dated for Jan. to Dec.


At A Glance Year Planner At-a-Glance Year Planning Sheets

Use these pages set out and plan your learning year.  Based on 36 weeks including a two week break for Christmas and Easter, these sheets make planning easy and allows you to see what you will covering and when it is to occur in the year.  You can read about the five steps to setting up your year on our blog.  Click HERE to read that now.  These sheets are available in three calendar schedules to accommodate those who learn from Sept. to June, early birds who go from Aug. to May and those who like to make their own learning blocks based on a specific number of weeks in the year.

Traditional Layout dated for September to June

Early Birds dated for August to May

No Months Only Numbered Weeks

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