Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Free Planning Sheets for Homeschoolers and Educators


Aside from organizing and planning our learning year, there are still other tasks that homeschooling families still need to do. From scouring through curriculum catalogs looking for great finds, finding vendours from which to purchase learning materials, or keeping track of grades or time spent learning, there is still so much for homeschooling parents to do.

Let us help.  Find sheets to help you with your homeschooling tasks below. These are simple sheets that you'll want to use year after year.

Learner Assessment Log

Keep a running log of your child's progress for those subjects or curriculum that require testing or graded work.

Vendour Purchasing Sheet Curriculum/Vendour Sheets

Areas to note include: company info and contact info, product info, for which child, etc. This is a good help when you are ordering from different vendours for different children

Attendance Sheet (2 children)

Keep track of the days you teach or time spent teaching for two separate children one one page.  Use one column for each child.

Attendance sheet for one child Attendance Sheet (1 child per sheet)

Keep track of the days you teach or time spent teaching for one child for the entire year.  Each month has its own column.  Download the set which includes columns in the colours yellow, pink, and blue.  Sheets are designed with gutter space to fit nicely into a 3-ring binder, duo tang or simply bound on the left with staples or another binding option.  LEft and right pages are provided.