Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Free Monthly Planning Sheets For Homeschoolers and Educators


Keep track of your monthly learning goals with these monthly planning sheets. Each homeschooling parent organizes their lessons differently. Some like to see things daily, while others just need a monthly map of sorts for certain subjects. Whether you are a Classical method learner who needs to note quite a bit of info, a Charlotte Mason method learner who just needs to schedule reading time or a mom using their favourite curriculum for the third time around, our sheets could meet your needs. We have used these sheets in organizing co-ops and CCD Religious Education classes as well.

Find planning sheets below to help organize your monthly learning goals and details.


Monthly Lesson Planner (based on four weeks)

Write in the month on the right and fill in the weekly focus details on the left for a neat overview planning sheet. Use this in conjunction with one of our calendar pages - calendar page on the left side and this sheet on the right side for example. This is a great resource for co-op learning or for a single weekly subject.

See our free calendars here.


Monthly Planner Journal Sheet Packets

Looking for a neat and Catholic planning journal sheets?  Then these monthly Planning Journal Sheets from Thinking Love, No Twaddle might be exactly what you are looking for.  These cool little planning journals are themed according to the season and the liturgical year and each packet contains:  a Calendar, Calendar Add-on, Notes, Shopping & Budget Sheets, Borrowed Books & Resources, Bible & Notebooking Sheets and much more!!

See the entire collection of resources created and shared by Thinking Love, No Twaddle here.