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Math Problem Solving Games for Homeschoolers and Educators

Sweet Shop Math Game

Many standardized math tests rely on the skill of problem solving to test children's math skills. Many current math curricula do not focus enough on this area or really provide practice in this area. Determined to teach our children to look for more than one way to solve a problem, we created these games. We hope you find them fun and useful in your learning adventure.

Sweet Shop Candy Math Game Sweet Shop Candy Problem Solving Game

Solve clues to make purchases at the Sweet Shop Candy store. Although money denomination are not used in the pricing, each candy is assigned a value which players must use to solve problems. This game works especially well at Halloween using trick-or-treat bags to hold the candy pieces.

Age: Elem+

Focus: Problem solving, addition, division


Grocer's Daily Special Math Game The Grocer's Daily Special

Have fun learning how to add money and multiply at the same time. Children figure out prices for the daily special and multiply by the number of customers who purchase the daily special. Create a pile of customers and a pile of specials and pick one of each to play the game. Keep track using the receipt sheets provided.

Age: Elem+

Focus: Simple addition, addition fact families from 4 to 12