Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Catholic Games to Help Homeschoolers and Catechists Teach About the Holy Mass

Use our interactive hands-on games to help children learn about the Holy Mass. Aside from encouraging attendance of mass with a glad heart, playing games can be a fun and effective way of getting learners familiar with the different parts of the Mass. By using the proper titles of the parts of the Mass and pairing or reviewing the responses and prayers that accompany each part, learners become more confident in how to participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

These games were originally designed for CCD Religious Education use, but they are very adaptable for home and family use as well.

Parts of the Mass Game - Make your own w/index cardsParts of the Mass Game Parts of the Mass Game (Cut apart version)

Parts of the Mass Game (Use w/index cards version

Help those new to or learning about the Catholic Faith to better participate in the Holy Mass with this game that teaches about the parts and order of the Mass. Cut apart pieces of Mass prayers and parts of the Mass and match to reorder. Play by either ordering sayings chronologically or matching sayings to parts of mass. This is a great class game for CCD or Religious Education as well.

Two versions are available.  One version is a print out, cut apart, fold and glue version.  The other is a print out cut apart and glue onto index cards.  For durability during repeated use, either version could be laminated.

Age: Elem+

Focus: The parts of the Mass and the order of Holy Mass


Ask Me About It Game Ask Me About It

Similar to Twenty Questions, this game asks players to figure out a particular aspect of their Faith by asking yes or no questions. Using the categories of People, Ten Commandments, Sacraments, Church Articles, Parts of the Mass, and Prayer, this game encourages learning and teamwork when played with multiple players. It is fun, easy to make, and great for all ages.

Age: Elem+

Focus: Becoming familiar w/parts of the Mass, people of faith, Ten Commandments, the Sacraments, Church Articles, and prayer.


Catholic Bingo Game Catholic Bingo

This game reinforces the basics of our faith using such calling categories as: parts of the mass, the Bible, Church Tour (sacramentals), saints, and fruits of the Holy Spirit. It's a fun game and easy to play for all ages. Little reading is required. If bingo cards are laminated, a crayon can be used to mark the squares rather then chips or markers. Simply wipe clean after each game. Game accommodates up to fifteen players.

Age: Wee+

Focus: Parts of the Mass, becoming familiar w/the Bible, Church Tour, Saints, and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.