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Free Printable Games for Homeschoolers and Catechists that Teach About the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Holy Rosary

Games to TEach About the Rosary or the Blessed Mother Mary

Next to the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, the rosary is perhaps the most beautiful and popular ritual prayers among Catholics the world over.  This is in great part to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

The adoring love and reverence that Catholics have for Our Lady is very evident.  The rosary helps us to not only get to know the intricate life of our Lord, Jesus Christ, but His mother, Mary as well.  Through prayerful reflection of all the mysteries of the rosary, we examine the complete life of our Lord from the moment of the Annunciation to the return of His mother, Mary, to His heart where she is crowned Queen of Heaven forever.

Download games below that help introduce children to Our Lady, her various titles, the rosary itself which spiritually illustrates the life of Christ.  These are designed for homeschool use and are easily adaptable to the CCD religious education classroom.

Our Lady's Match-up Game Our Lady Match-up Game

Our Holy Mother Mary is known by many titles. Many of them correspond to her apparitions around the world at various times in our history. Introduce young Catholics to Our Lady with this matching game using titles and classic images of our Holy Mother. Simply print out, cut apart, and match up titles to images. It's fun, easy, and a great way to study art as well as learn about our Faith. There are a total of 9 sets to match-up.


Games that Teach About the Rosary

Rosary Reference Sheet

Rosary Match-up Game

This game was created to help little hearts and hands learn about the individual mysteries and decades of the holy rosary. This game is simple enough for first graders to use and a great review for older learners and those new to the Catholic faith. Simply print out the files and cut apart the pieces on the lines. Separate out the main titles of the Mysteries. Mix up remaining pieces and have players match them up to the appropriate Mystery in the proper order. This game has been used successfully in the CCD classroom.

Use our handy Rosary handout as a reference sheet for those who may need a bit of assistance. This sheet is also good to use as a discussion starter or to help explain the richness of the rosary.  Download this sheet HERE.



Mary Grden Math Game Pieces

Mary Garden Math Game

Are you planting a Mary Garden this year? If so, you might choose to put some roses for Our Lady in it. You may even need to buy a flat of twelve seedlings or baby rose plants to put in your garden. Voila - the premise of our math game!

Help young learners practice addition facts to twelve with this very simple game based around the theme of creating a Mary Garden in your own backyard. Two to four players is ideal although any number could play. Simply print out the file - one game board and set of playing pieces per player is required. Cut apart pieces and gather two dice. Roll the dice and put a flower onto your flat. If the number is already filled in from a previous turn, the turn is skipped. The first to fill their flat with flowers to plant in their Mary Garden is the winner.



Our Lady's Little Helpers Maze Our Lady's Maze

Almost everyone has heard about the usefulness of our garden friend, the ladybug. But where did its legendary status come from? Can you believe, centuries ago in Europe. Grape crops were threatened by aphids so farmers began praying to Our Lady for help and intercession. In a short while, a swarm of over 1000 red beetles came and ate up the aphids. They were thought to be a gift from Our Lady and were so called in her honour, Ladybugs. A gardening story that is sweet and faith-filled. This simple little maze can help teach children about this garden story. Simply download, print, and play.


Mother Mary Word Search Hail Mary Word Search

Enjoy a little fun with our Mother Mary word search. Focusing on eighteen words associated with Our Lady, this game is not only fun to play, but very lovely to look at.




The A-Z Quest of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Questing is fun, open-ended, and easy. Simply fill in a word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet that could be associated with our Blessed Mother. We do not provide the answers as many times there can be more than one answer for an individual letter and we don't want to limit players. Learners can play alone or in teams and keep track of who gets the most letters or play for points using the point gauge. 

Click HERE to see the points gauge and learn more about A-Z Questing.


Hail Mary Prayer Game The Hail Mary - English, Colour

The Hail Mary - English, B/W

The Hail Mary - Latin, Colour

The Hail Mary - Latin, B/W