Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Games That Teach About the Church and Sacramentals

Church Games for Fun Faith Formation

Help bring life and understanding to the practices of the church in the hearts of young learners through game play.

By using our fun, simple, and effective games, learners will become more knowledgeable about their faith. As we create more games for Catholic learners, we hope to bring the message of the fullness of Christ and His church to the hearts and minds of all who want to draw closer to them.

Games on this page feature sacramentals of the church including tools used in Holy Mass, things often seen in the church and those things which can bring us closer to God through prayer.

Games feature colour pictures and simple print, cut and play type games.  Consider laminating pieces for repeated homeschool or CCD class use.

Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Game Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Jr. - Colour

Parts and Tools of the Catholic Church Jr. - B/W

Easily used over and over once prepared, this game is fun and simple to use. Players match word cards with corresponding picture cards. This is great for one-on-one learning or perfect in the classroom for CCD or Religious Education classes. It is amazing how having words and pictures together in a group of children builds teamwork and memory skills at the same time.

This junior version uses a few simplified names to help young learners remember not only an item's name, but also what the item is used for (i.e. holy water pot and sprinkler vs. aspergillum.) We created these sets to teach not only item's names but also to give them meaning. Even adults new to the Catholic faith can find it useful.


Montessori Game Cards Featuring Sacramentals


Catholic Articles Montessori Set

Montessori Cards Featuring Sacramentals

Find over fifty cards featuring sacramentals of the Catholic Church.  Each card set depicts colour photos of different types of sacramentals including the church itself, furniture, Mass tools, statues and much more. 

Five things that you can do with Montessori cards sets are:

1. Name the pictures on each cards.

2. Play matching games with two identical sets of cards.

3. Sort a group of cards by topic criteria.

4. Recall narrative details about the topic (Explain all you know about the material.)

5. Relate pictures in set to one another or find the relationship between cards of different sets.


Want EVEN MORE learning and classroom fun?
F3 Folder on Sacramentals For even more catechism learning fun, try one of our F3 (Flip, Flap and Fold) lapbook style lessons HERE.