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Free Resources to Help Children Learn About St. Joseph

St. Joseph, the Foster-father of Jesus Christ

Feast Days

  March 19 Joseph, husband of Mary

  May 1 Joseph, the Worker

Patron Saint of:  Fathers, Workers, The Dying, Carpenters, Canada, and the Universal Church.

“Saint Joseph is a man of great spirit. He is great in faith, not because he speaks his own words, but above all because he listens to the words of the Living God. He listens in silence.” - Pope John Paul II 

Saint Joseph Collector Trading Card St. Joseph Printable Saint Trading Card

Simply print out this cards to help teach about St. Joseph.  There are four cards per sheet.  Simply print, cut apart on black lines, fold in half and glue.  Laminate for longevity and durability.

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St. Joseph My Book Mini-book

Create a simple little eight page mini-book about St. Joseph complete  with prompts to guide young writers.

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St. Joseph Saint Biography Learning Card

Encourage faith formation with this fun fill in the facts learning biography card about St. Joseph.  (St. Patrick is also featured in this set.)  Use resources you have at home to fill in important info about these saints.

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St. Joseph Notebooking Sheets

Download this set of twelve notebooking sheets which highlights this saint.  With four line spacing options and three different layouts, there is sure to be something for any aged learner.

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Jesus' Family - a Worksheet on Common Names

Download this cute worksheet that takes a look at Jesus' family as the concept of common names is studied and family relations are explored.  A word bank is provided.

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The Handy Carpenter Game

St. Joseph was a carpenter and the patron saint of workers.  Te celebrate these wonderful facts, try this fun math game.  Using numbered popsicle sticks instead of playing cards, practice finding the highest number, highest sums and highest products in this "war" type game. Pull one, two or three sticks at a time for added excitement. Good for 1-10 players.

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When I Grow Up Community Game When I Grow Up Game about Workers in the Community

Help children learn about different careers and workers in their community in this fun tactile game. Played like concentration, pulling one coloured stick and one plain stick to find career matches. Good for 1-10 players. Adjust the number of sticks to match the group size or attention span of very young ones. This game includes 50 different occupations including the often overlooked choices of mother, father, husband, wife, priest, and nun. Use this game to begin talking about different careers as well as to point out the importance of jobs such as father and mother which many times children forget are real viable full-time occupations. Homeschool moms are prime examples of this. This is also an excellent time to talk about the sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony as well as the calling of others to single life.

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Good St. Joseph Word Search Puzzle

This puzzle focuses on words associated with St. Joseph including:  Bethlehem, carpenter, faithful, good, obedient, trusting, Joseph, husband, foster father and more.  An answer sheet is included.

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Catholic Bingo Game Catholic Bingo Game Features St. Joseph

This game reinforces the basics of our faith using such calling categories as The Bible, Church Tour, Saints - Including St. Joseph, Parts of the Mass, and Fruits of the Holy Spirit. It's a fun game and easy to play for all ages. Little reading is required. If bingo cards are laminated, a crayon can be used to mark the squares rather then chips or markers. Simply wipe clean after each game. Up to 15 players.

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Saint Notebooking Research Sheet General Saint Biography Research Template

Encourage faith formation with this fun fill in the facts learning biography card about St. Joseph.  (St. Patrick is also featured in this set.)  Use resources you have at home to fill in important info about these saints.

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