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Free Resources for Homeschoolers About The Three Little Pigs Drawn by L. Leslie Brooke

Enjoy resources that help to bring this classic story of the Three Little Pigs to life.  Created by L. Leslie Brooke in 1904, this story is a rich retelling of this tale by  that has changed over the course of the last hundred plus years.  Children from Gr.2-6 can glean something from this story.  If you are accustomed to old tales with details that help illustrate virtuous living in either a poor or positive example, then you will enjoy this version.   This story is from the public domain.

This unit focuses on many subject areas.  For language arts the activities highlight retelling or narration of the story, comprehension of the plot, and basic grammar topics including contractions, verb tenses and more.  We have created resources to reinforce math concepts from the story including ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) and telling time to the hour.  For a bit of science we have included resources to help research pigs and wolves and included a venn diagram to help make connections between both animals.  For a quick botany lesson, use our Plant Detective  sheet to find out more about Furze.  We have included a reference page for you as well since many may not be all that familiar with this plant that the second little Pig used to build his home.

 For an art focus find sheets for colouring and "you draw too" skill building.  There is even an opportunity for copywork. 

Games can be an integral part of learning for many children so we made sure to include a few of them in this unit as well.  From plot pieces for narration to crosswords and cryptograms - we wanted learning to be a positive, fun and memorable experience for our learners and yours.

PIY (Print it Yourself) Version of The Three Little Pigs

Use this easy to print version to create the basic text for this unit study.  PIY are texts we have reformatted for easy printing by parents and easy reading for little hands and hearts.  Some illustrations are in black and white and children could easily colour them in with coloured pencils.

See instructions on how to create this as well as our entire collection of titles here.

Three Little Pigs Plot Cards

Use these printable cards as narration prompts or as a game to order the key points in the plot.  Created with black and white and white illustrations, children could easily colour the cards to their own liking.

Three Little Pigs Grammar Activity Cards

Have some fun with grammar and this little text with our grammar activity cards.  Each card focuses on a particular aspect of grammar study including:  contractions, verb tenses, adjectives, interrogative sentences, increasing vocabulary and retelling stories.  You may even want to allow your kiddos to find and mark their answers directly in the book.  That is one of the beauties of these PIY texts, they are easy to create and cost effective so they can easily serve as a markable text for grammar lessons.

Three Little Pigs Crossword Puzzle

Review the plot and details of this classic tale as told by L.Leslie Brooke.  This puzzle can be a quick fun test of reading comprehension.  There are sixteen questions posed which can be easily answered by the text.  For your convenience, a separate answer sheet is provided.

Three Little Pigs Word Search Puzzle

Fun word search puzzle that helps learners recall and search out eighteen key words from the story.  For your convenience, a separate answer sheet is provided.


Three Little Pigs Cryptogram Puzzle

Cryptograms are a fun way to blend math and English.  We have created a cryptogram about this little tale.  Actually there are two versions available in this file.  The first version is for older learners; the second is for younger learners with suitable writing lines and the decipher code being provided.


Three Little Pigs Colouring/Copywork Sheets

We have created some sets of colouring sheets for learners.  These sets are special in that the images used are from the actual story, some pages allow for additional details to be added in and they also include some space for copywork or details about the story.  Two versions are available in UK or USA English.

Three Little Pigs Cryptogram Puzzle - UK

Three Little Pigs Cryptogram Puzzle - USA


See our collection of colouring sheets HERE.

Math O'clock Time Match Game

The exact time is mentioned a few times in this story.  Help younger learners become more familiar with telling time to the hour.  Use a non-numbered clock face and the numeral + o’clock combination to teach children to recognize time on the hour. All pictures should orient with the black dot at 12 o'clock spot. This is especially valuable for young learners who are confident in numbers but not in telling time by arm positions alone.


The Ordinal Numbers Go to the Movies Math Game

The story of the Three Little Pigs is a great way to introduce or review ordinal numbers from 1 to 20.  This game is fun and easy to play. Children learn ordinal numbers by pairing the ordinal number with the character's place in line as they patiently wait to attend a movie. Each character is different and allows callers and players to use their imagination during play. Numbers range from 1st to 20th. Game instructions provide a number of examples for play. All of the names used for characters are from the Bible.

See our collection of math games HERE

Our Learning Card on Ordinal Numbers

Download and create reference cards for ordinal numbers.  Set includes numeral, graphic and word examples of ordinal numbers. Based on standing in line for the theatre, these cards are a fun way to teach ordinals of first through the tenth. This set includes two cards.

See our collection of math learning cards HERE.

Pig vs. Wolf Venn Diagram

Help children start to build skills of comparing and contrasting with this venn diagram.  Use it to highlight the physical differences between the animals or the personality traits they portray.

See our collection of venn diagrams featuring animals HERE.

Land Animal Detective Worksheet

Help children find out more about pigs and wolves using references you may already have on hand and our fun animal detective worksheet. 


Plant Detective Worksheet

Help children find out more about the plant furze by using our fun plant detective worksheet.  We have also tried to help out parents as well by creating a reference page about this plant.  Learn more about furze  HERE. 


Looking for a really neat and interactive game to play when you have finished this novel study?  Try our new online game about this story designed to help kids improve their reading comprehension skills. Read and learn, then come back and try out your skills.

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