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Free Resources for Homeschoolers Using the Book: Quo Colore Est? by Marie Carducci Bolchazy

Latin can be a very fun and useful language for Christians and especially Catholics to learn.  This book by MarieWhat Color Is It?/Quo Colore Est?: Quo Colore Est? : Latin/English Version 'I Am Reading Latin' Series) Carducci Bolchazy helps children begin to learn their colours.  The author uses three different word endings for the colours presented which include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, gray, pink and white.  The pictures are in black and white, which could allow a child to colour it in using pencil crayons based on  the text.  We also use the audible read-a-long CD to help solidify learning.  It is suggested for children aged 4-8 although older children may find it useful as well if they do not have any background or experience with Latin. 

To help enhance this book, we created a few printable Latin worksheets, Latin flashcards, Latin posters featuring the colours and a cute Latin game.  The book is written in American English although our resources are available in both American and UK English options.  The only difference is that US English uses the following spellings  - color and gray; UK English uses the spellings - colour and grey.

Latin Colour Posters (half sheet) - UK Version

Latin Colour Posters (half sheet) - USA Version

Use these bright posters to help children learn eleven different basics colours.  Only one ending is highlighted for each colour.  Items that display the colour are used to help provide visual clues for learners.  Use these posters with the Latin Game Below

See our entire collection of posters here.

Latin Colours Flashcard Set - UK Version

Latin Colours Flashcard Set - USA Version

Set of colour cards in both Latin and English.  Print out on cardstock and match words together.  Print out sets to play Go Fish, Concentration or Old Maid games as well.

Latin Worksheets About Colours - UK Version

Latin Worksheets About Colours - USA Version Simple worksheet set allows learners to practice reviewing colors in both English and Latin.  The set includes one sheet to provide matching colours in both languages, one sheet to provide the English, one sheet to provide the Latin and an answer sheet.  Only one ending is provided for the colours.

Latin Game to Learn About Colours  

Answer the question Quo colore est? or What colour am I? with this simple but fun game.  Have learners match the images to the colours they represent.  Eleven colours are used.  This game goes with poster set above and can be self-checking when used with the half sheet mini-posters above. 

Our Learning Card Set for Color Words

Review color words in five different languages including English, French, Spanish, Latin and Hawaiian. Colours include: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, black, white, gray, plus a bonus card to teach the colours of the rainbow (Roy G. Biv).

Ages Elem+

Read-only Our Learning CardsRead-only Our Learning CardsRead only

Latin Colour Words Word Search Puzzle

Fun word search puzzle that helps learners recall and search out eleven colour words.  For your convenience, a separate answer sheet is provided.