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Reformatted Print It Yourself (PIY) Books

PIY Books - Print It Yourself


What are PIY Books? Print It Yourself books!! Our family loves books! Unfortunately, like many homeschooling families, we ran into the problem of how to store all of the books we have, need or want. Let's face it, there are only so many empty walls to build bookshelves on in our home. To combat this problem while providing our children with even more classic quality reading material, we started reformatting some public domain e-texts that we couldn't find locally. This was a big hit with our kids because they could read great books that weren't available to them, they could help make the books themselves and they knew if they ever got tired of the book, they could give it away or just put it in the recycle bin. Phew, no more book shelves to build!

Enjoy public domain books that we have reformatted to fit younger readers and littler hands. With just a bit of time and effort we have managed to create nice PIY books for our kids at a fraction of the price and all the convenience of a library in my home. To make the most of our reformatted texts you will need the following:

  • .PDF reader - to read the files. Need a free one? Click here.
  • Printer (a laser jet is most economical) - to print the files
  • Comb binding or other binding machine - to bind the book
  • Laminating machine (cool or heated is fine) - to make book covers more durable
  • Paper corner rounding punch if your laminating sheets don't come rounded already. This prevents o.3ml and o.5ml Heat laminating sheets from snagged your skin or even your linens when you read in bed.

Creating these books are easy.  Just follow these steps below.

PIY Books Step one

Simply print out the pages from the .PDF file, fold in half print side out.

PIY Book Step 2

Stack pages in order by page numbers.

PIV Book Step 3

You may choose to use the black and white cover that comes in the file or choose the colour cover option file provided below. You may want to print the covers using card stock for stability or laminate them for extended use and durability.

PIY Book Step 4

Bind all pages using a comb bind spine, binding machine, a hole-punch and report folder with prongs, or any other binding method of your choice.


Reading Selections

PIY Book of The Dutch Twins

 In Johnny Crow's Garden, Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke

Text & Color Cover for In Johnny Crow's Garden, Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog by Thornton W. Burgess

The Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins

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PIY Books - The Belgian Twins

Color Cover for The Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins

The Belgian Twins  by Lucy Fitch Perkins

Color Cover for The Belgian Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins

The Three Little Pigs drawn by L. Leslie Brooke

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