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Free Blank Book Report Worksheets and Projects for Homeschoolers and Educators

Fun Blank Book Reports For Homeschoolers

Many times when we think of book reports, we think of something cut and dry; perhaps something full of research, or something, dare I say, boring. Yikes!! You won't find anything like that here. We have tried to create book reports that are very inviting and non-threatening for reluctant writers. We've learned over the years that sometimes just having something in colour or something that feels "special" when you use it, is enough to make learners want to complete assignments.

Blank Book Review Blank Simple Book Review for Beginners

Have a learner who likes giving their opinions about anything and everything? Why not use that to your advantage? Try out our simple, single page book review. This is a great resource for a first attempt at a book dissection writing task for the young or reluctant writer. There is a spot for rating the book, drawing about your favourite part, identifying the genre, narrating the plot, and telling about your favourite character.


Book Detective Book Report


Book Detective Report

Use this little one page report to help children use their favourite book to reinforce and practice their language arts and grammar skills.  Don't be fooled, it is challenging for many grades.

Blank Book Report - Character Sketch


Blank Detailed Book Report - 5 Pages

This five page resource is good for beginning reports. There are opportunities for writing as well as drawing to accommodate learners at different levels. The design makes non-threatening and inviting for new writers or younger learners. This report includes opportunities to discuss or cover: genre recognition, reader opinion, story timeline, character sketching, setting, theme, and virtue recognition.

Recipe Book Report


Recipe Book Report

Recipe Book Report Writing Paper

Do you have a child who likes to cook? Or perhaps you are looking for something completely different to use to pick apart your child's favourite read? Look no further. This cool little book report helps children to see the different parts of literary study through a recipe style sheet. Coordinating writing paper, pictured left, can be added to make the project even more inviting.

*I have seen these type of reports at many different places on the internet so I cannot take credit for this idea. But I wanted something very lively, authentic looking and colourful for my children to use. I have one who loves baking. :)